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There is something about a fresh, crisp salad that makes my mouth water and my eyes sparkle. Believe me, I am drawn to hearty, saucy, carby entrees but I just can’t turn down fresh romaine or kale if it’s put in front of me. In the past few years as my system as decided to take a walk on the wild side (aka pain, low energy, sick all the time, you get the picture) I’ve been drawn towards a fresh alternative (healthy eating pun, anyone?) and try when I can to swap the deep fried potatoes for a salad the size of my head.

In comes Hawley Crescent. Catering that is geared towards healthy, but phenomenally delicious meals that are simple, fresh, and clean. They don’t shy away from the greats – lasagna, chicken parm, burgers. But they’re all made fresh, whole, and with a lot of heart. You won’t see a deep fryer in their Whitby storefront location, and as the owners are very familiar with food sensitivities and allergies, there is absolutely something for everyone. Vegan, vegetarian, meat lover and sugar-fiend alike, Hawley Crescent can deliver. And you won’t find a nicer pair of humans like the owners Sue and Roger. Beyond the cafe, Hawley caters to weddings, events, meetings and parties, leaving guests in awe of just how good a turkey burger can taste when done right. All my love to the mighty green salad, and to Hawley Crescent for treating my tummy right.


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