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Kristie and Chris // Destination Wedding Photographer

The first blog of 2018. It’s only fitting that January 1st I was on a plane with a very excited (yet very quiet, read: she had no voice!) bride to be. Kristie’s voice finally came back in time to say I Do under a bright sunny sky, with friends and family tearing up alongside them. Thank you to Kristie, Chris, and all your friends and family for making this photographer feel right at home, while miles away.

Now, you think I’d just end this there, with a quaint introduction? Oh hell no – you know this mouth has a story for everything. SO. Picture this – it’s the morning of the wedding day. I go to have a shower, as one does. We had previously switched my room to be closer to the rest of the wedding party, and I hadn’t used this room’s shower yet. I reach in, turn on the water, and close the glass door while the water warms up. I undress, do a little stretch, and pull open the door.


I am completely nude, running around my room gathering towels, mopping up giant pools of water. I turn the shower off. I chuckle. Of course.

Friends, if you know anything about me, it’s that this kind of thing happens all the time. No, not specifically showers flooding; but somehow, I’ll always have a story to tell. No, I didn’t get my shower that day (bird baths in the sink are surprisingly refreshing) but man alive, did I ever have a good laugh. That’s what this is all about, right?

Venue: Iberostar Ensenachos, Santa Maria, Cuba



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